Suction Cup Dildos: Your Shower Companion

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When it comes to dildos there are a lot of varieties in the market available. So sometimes it can be quite difficult to narrow your list down to what you want. After all different people have different fetishes. Moreover, people like to experiment with different things. If you are part of this later gang or simply want to try out different positions, then the suction cup dildo will be perfect for you.

What is a suction cup dildo?

Suction cup dildo is really like a regular toy, but its base has a kind of suction cup attached to it. The advantage of this is that you will be able to place this on any flat surface and then ride it.

Benefits of using Suction Cup Dildos

Before people try out something new, they want to know if it has more pros than cons. This is one toy where there are only pros, there are no cons. Let’s highlight to you, the benefits of using suction cup dildos:

  • If you want to play alone then these are perfect for the job. These dildos are generally hard but flexible as well. This ensures that you will be able to angle it to the spot which gives you the most pleasure.
  • If you use realistic dildos with suction cups, then you will get to use a dildo that looks just like the real thing. This means not just the color, but also the bundle of veins on the shaft and the head. The package is completed with balls as well.
  • These suction cup dildos are generally waterproof so you will be able to use it in your shower as well.
  • You don’t have to use your hands while using these. Just stick the dildo to a wall or other firm and sturdy surface to use it. This will make you feel just like the real experience.
  • These dildos also come with vibrators so that just makes it double the pleasure and fun. If you are willing to shell out more then you can get remote controlled suction cup dildo vibrators. This will make the entire experience hands free for you and you will enjoy more.

How well can you use suction cup dildos in the shower?

As said above, the suction cup dildos are waterproof so you will be able to use it in a shower securely. You might not have to use lube even if you are using a suction cup dildo in the shower. But if you are using it for the first time then you should use lube, just to be on the safe side. After all, anything is better than injuries down there.

To use these dildos in the shower, all you have to do is attach it to the shower wall. All shower walls are sturdy and firm, but make sure that yours is too. Attach it wherever you like on the wall and then enjoy yourself. This will make for fun times even in the bathroom. If you are worried about it falling off, then we can assure you that it won’t fall off the wall if you have attached it properly. If you are not sure how to attach it then don’t worry, all the instructions for using that specific type will be written on the package.

What are the types of Suction Cup Dildos?

There are many different kinds of suction cup dildos like:

  • Realistic: These look a lot like the real thing. These dildos are covered up in veins and have a head that looks just like the human one. Some of the realistic dildos are crafted after famous adult stars as well. These dildos will make you feel like you are using the real thing.
  • Vibrators: You will find that some of the suction cup dildos come with an extra feature and that is the fact that they can vibrate. So for example, you will be able to use a suction cup realistic dildo on any surface. Along with this, you will be able to get one that is flexible and comes with a vibrator as well.
  • Strap On: One of the reasons why suction cup dildos are used by many is due to its versatility. You will be able to attach it to any surface and play with it. But another benefit is that many of such dildos are very compatible with harnesses and strap ons. So you will be able to engage in fantasy play or role reversal as well.
  • Large: You can get suction cup dildos in any size you want. You can get small ones, medium ones, large ones, and massive ones as well. So whatever your choice or preference, there’s a suction cup dildo for your needs. But these dildos aren’t just longer, you will find that their girths match their length so that you feel something very realistic.

No matter what type of suction cup dildos that you are interested with, we highly recommend that you purchase them from a well-established store like LG.

Where to use a suction cup dildo, apart from a shower?

There are a lot of places you can use such dildos like:

  • Mirror: This might seem strange to you, but maybe not if you like to take risks. All you have to do is choose a sturdy mirror. Choose one which isn’t flimsy and has a lot of back support. Then stick the suction cup dildo on the mirror to have some raunchy fun.
  • Chair: Place the dildo on the flat upper surface of the chair and make sure that the chair you have opted for has a flat base. Then face the back of the chair and have fun.
  • On walls: Seriously, you can use the suction cup dildo on any wall. Just make sure, as we have been telling, that it is sturdy. This will ensure that the whole wall doesn’t come crashing down when you are using it. So just stick it to a wall and have fun.

Overall, suction cup dildos are great to use in the shower. They are waterproof which ensures that you can use it during bath time. But apart from showers, you can use it in a lot of different places and have fun.

Suction Cup Dildos: Your Shower Companion
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