Freida Pinto

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Freida Pinto started her career as a theatre actress during her 20s. When she got offered a job as an erotic dancer, she immediately took it because of the hefty pay. She was a good dancer after all. She met a lot of influential people that later on introduced her to the adult modeling industry. 

Freida is strong and confident. She knows exactly what she wants. She gets the job done professionally, that is why she impressed a lot of producers and modeling agencies. After building impressive portfolios and credentials, and opening her businesses from her modeling gigs, she finally called it quits. 

She now lives a very comfortable life with different channels for passive income. However, she thinks that she should share her experiences with everyone by writing for her blog, Today, she still accepts modeling gig and shares her daily log to her followers. Articles vary from grooming tips, style, fashion, and personality development. 

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